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How Epo Putty has been used by customers.

We want to see your tanks!

If you have used Epo Putty to create an aquascape or fasten your corals to rock then send us your pictures! If we use your images we will send you a free pack of Epo Putty!

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Cameron McDade

Tank Size: 4ft x 3ft x 2ft

What Cameron has to say about Epo Putty:

"I can highly recommend Epo Putty if you can get it, it is easier to work with and less problematic than Milliput and has the bonus of drying quicker as well as being completely reef safe."

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Robin Trim

Tank Size: 900mm x 900mm x 700mm

What Robin has to say about Epo Putty:

"Well this is the bit I like, all the hard work was done so now was just a case of lifting the rock in (and hoping it doesn't fall apart like it did with the speed glue) and sliding it into place. I was worried with the rock now being wet and over twice as heavy but the Epo putty didn't fail me this stuff was rock solid (excuse the pun) in fact I think I could of dropped it and not worried."

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