How to use

What better way to highlight the potential of Epo Putty in an aquatic display than by presenting this fantastic example of an aquascaped marine aquarium by aquarist Chingchai Uekrongtham.

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Epo Putty Product


So you have your pack of Epo Putty, Now what?



Step one.

The first thing you will need to do is take equal amounts of both the resin(A) and the hardener(B). Mix them by hand, kneading each part together, massaging until a uniformed colour forms.

The first thing you will notice about Epo Putty is how much easier it is to mix than other putties on the market, it is smoother to work with and moulds into shapes easily.

If you wish you can add water during the mixing process by running your hand under the tap and continuing to mix the putty. Adding more water as required.



Step two

Apply the mixed Epo Putty to the rock's surface and push the adjoining rock into the putty so that both rocks are equally covered with the putty.

You can easily smooth the joint by hand or even mould it into interesting shapes to similate sponges or coral shells.

Epo Putty has an approximate working time of 30 minutes so you have time to ensure you are completely happy with the joint.

Epo Putty works equally well underwater as it does dry. If you use the putty underwater you will see that it doesn't cloud the water or emit "dust" into the tank like competitive products do.

Epo Putty is easy to mix and easy to mould.


Supporting the structure

When creating your aquascape you may decide to take full advantage of Epo Putty and create something a little more interesting, a little more adventurous.

Using Chingchai Uekrongtham's aquasape as an example you can see that Epo Putty's shear strength allows wonderful aquascapes to be created.

Chingchai and his team used fishing line and pipes cut to length to support the live rock aquascape while Epo Putty  fully cured.

Epo Putty has a curing time of 2.5 hours if used dry. 6 hours if used underwater. Please note that these times can vary based on humidity and room temperature. Please ensure that the Epo Putty has cured to a rock hard substance before removing any supports or moving any structures created outside of the tank.

When Epo Putty has cured the supports can be removed and Epo Putty holds the rock firmly in place.No other putty on the market is able to allow you to acheive these sort of results!Fantastic, gravity defying aquascapes made easy with Epo Putty

The usual route of having to drill the rocks and insert supporting pipes and rods will be a thing of the past! Epo Putty sets like concrete and provides a stable platform for you to add corals on to.

All tank sizes

Chingchai Uekrongtham's marine aquarium is an impressive and inspirational tank. It demonstrates very well the effectiveness and shear strength of using Epo Putty considering that the rock structures are aproximately 3 feet tall in places!

However dont be misled into thinking Epo Putty is only used in very large reef tanks.

Check out these pictures of a Nano tank that used Epo Putty.

Epo Putty is for tanks of all shapes and sizes where a firm, solid rock work is required.